Barnstead Pacific ro water System Pre-installation Checklist

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Barnstead Pacific RO Water System Pre-installation Checklist

Thank you for purchasing a Thermo Scientific Water Purification System. To initiate the installation process, you must complete all of the activities listed below, checking each box as you confirm its accuracy, then sign, date and email the completed form to or fax 888-618- 2682 before installation can be performed.

Upon receipt of your completed form, a technician will contact you to arrange a convenient time for the service representative to install your new water purification system.

Model (select which model you have):

50132385 - Pacific RO 3 

50132386 - Pacific RO 7

50132387 - Pacific RO 12 

50132388 - Pacific RO 20

50132389 - Pacific RO 40




: Ensure that the unit has been removed from its original packaging and is positioned at the point of final installation. Be sure to keep Accessories bag (included with unit) and purchased accessories with the unit.

Inlet Power

: A 120 volt dedicated power supply must be accessible within 5 feet of the intended point of installation.

Inlet Water

: A potable water supply fitted with a 3/4 inch male pipe thread connector and proper shutoff valve must be accessible at the intended point of installation. The potable water supply needs to be pretreated by either: 09.4000 pretreatment kit which includes hardness stabilizer and carbon prefilter


by water softener. If feed water is softened, pretreatment by 50134022 carbon prefilter is necessary. Mounting screws, brackets and tubing are included with pretreatment holders. Wall mounting of any pretreatment canisters must be performed by the customer’s facilities personnel. This must be completed prior to arrival of the installation technician.

Inlet Water Temperature:


Inlet Water Pressure

: The inlet water supply must have a pressure of 29-87 psi (2-6 bar)

Installation on Bench Top:

The bench top must be capable of supporting the unit, which is approximately 70lbs.

Wall Mounting

: Locate the Hook Screw & Nylon Dowel in the accessory bag. If mounting to the wall, the wall must be capable of supporting the unit which is approximately 70lbs. Use the Hook Screw & Dowel to mount unit to the wall. This must be completed by customer’s facilities personnel prior to arrival of the installation technician.

Storage Reservoir:

System requires a Pacific RO storage reservoir for proper operation The Storage Reservoir (Tank) can be set on the bench beside the Pacific RO or be wall mounted (30L or 60L tank only) with the optional wall mount bracket (06.5015 (30L tank) or 06.5016 (60L tank)) within 6 feet of the Pacific RO system. This must be completed by customer’s facilities personnel prior to arrival of the installation technician. The bench or wall where the Tank is to be mounted must be able to support 85lbs (30L Tank) or 150lbs (60L Tank). You must specify which tank you have below:

06.5033 – 30L Tank  06.5015 – Wall mount bracket (30L)

06.5034 – 30L Tank w/ pump

06.5063 – 60L Tank  06.5016 – Wall mount bracket (60L)

06.5064 – 60L tank w/ pump

06.5083 – 100 L tank

06.5084 – 100 L tank with pump

50135142 – Sterile filter for Reservoir, 0.2 μm

06.5001 – Sterile Oveflow


: An atmospheric drain must be available within 5 feet of the final mounting location for the RO system and storage tank overflow.


The RO Membrane is delivered already installed in the unit. The accessories bag for installation of the system will be inside the shipping box or behind the systems removable front cover. You must ensure that items in the accessories bag are onsite when the technician arrives. Please check off the accessories you received:

18.0036 – PE-Hose 8/6 x 2m

18.0042 – Connection Hose 1.5m (Qty: 2)

21.0035 – Nylon Dowel (Qty: 2) 

21.0057 – Screw Hook (Qty: 2)

21.1007 – Universal Holder (for power supply)

21.1006 – Universal Adapter (for power supply)

50129630 – Power Unit

50132200 – Connecting Cord (USA) (Power cord?)

50132707 – Operating Instructions


After the installation is complete, the service technician will provide a short training session on proper operation and care of the Pacific RO.

Contact Person:

a representative of the customer’s site must be available at the beginning and end of the installation to meet with service technician.

Requested date of installation:


Company Name:      

Company Address:      

Company Phone:      

Contact Person:      

Email Address:      


Model & Serial Number:      


EMAIL the completed form to


It is the customer’s responsibility to complete the activities listed above. If the items mentioned are not available when the technician arrives and the installation cannot be completed

, the customer will be responsible for charges

associated with a second service call to complete the installation, including time and travel.

Revised 1-15-15-PEL
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Asheville, NC


(800) 438-4851

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